MoneySpot Wholesale

MoneySpot has developed a range of investment options exclusively for qualifying wholesale, sophisticated and professional investors (Wholesale Investors) (as defined by Section 761G(4) of the Corporations Act).

With MoneySpot Wholesale Investors can earn higher returns on larger or longer-term investments, up to 20% per annum, and the term of your investment does not exceed 2 years.

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A range of options
with regular distributions

MoneySpot Wholesale Investors have exclusive access to our 1% wholesale investor bonus for Class A and Class B units. This bonus rate is in addition to the published target returns, providing for targeted returns of 13.8% and 15.8% respectively.

All investments are in the same pool of loans. The underlying credit risk profile does not change with the size or term of your investment. You are simply able to earn higher returns by committing more capital for longer periods of time.

MoneySpot is able to pay higher returns on longer-term investments because its loans are short-term. This means we can lend the money several times, generating a higher yield, over the course of your investment.

Distributions are made monthly, or can be reinvested,
and redemptions are offered on the anniversary of your initial investment. We’ll let you know when this is coming up.

Access to global markets with no foreign exchange risk

MoneySpot holds over 20 financial services licenses in the USA, South Africa, and Australia. Our loan book is growing and so is our demand for capital, as we continue to expand.

Although we lend in several countries, the fund is denominated in AUD. There is no foreign exchange risk to our investors.

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MoneySpot has lent over $1 billion since we began 9 years ago.
Our average loan is less than $1200 over three months, repayable in small regular instalments, to customers of good credit standing.

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A track record of performance

You can view our track record, month by month, in the ‘Fund Performance’ section of our website and keep track of your investment by logging into our investment portal. We’ll email you a performance update every month, and you can view the last 5+ years reports on our website.

The MoneySpot Investment Fund has been independently analysed and evaluated. For access to this report, please download below.

Our loans are 100% online, we operate 24 hours a day and our head office is in Sydney